How can you know what you're capable of if you don't embrace the unknown?” ~ Esmeralda Santiago, Puerto Rican Author


Are you tired of feeling stuck or unsure?

This is your chance to transform that forever! Lasting peace, clarity, and perseverance through life’s transitions requires accessing your inner guidance.

The easeful way is to start with willingness to embrace the unknown and allow Universal magic to unveil the unique talent that only you possess.

When you start here, you can change your life. You are in the right place.


"Varinia's skilled intuitive support has guided me through life's struggles toward clarity and understanding." Heather, Intuitive Massage Pracitioner



About Varinia

Varinia inherited her abilities from her Taíno Afro-Caribbean lineage. Her talents first arose in childhood and following illness and adversity in adulthood, she received divine initiation, accessed healing, and discovered and developed the skills that she now uses to assist others.

Finding her relatable; heart-centered entrepreneurs, authors, divorcees, mothers and others seek and attend her sessions and classes for guidance and development.

Varinia holds her BA in Gender & Women Studies focused on Human Development & Family Studies. After a rewarding 18 year career in public service administration in local government she moved from the Midwest to the East Coast.

She is now living on a sailboat in a beautiful harbor with her love and her dog, focused on a new chapter serving others.


Readings and Sessions Offered

Angel Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Tarot
Usui Reiki (remote and in-person)
Aroma Touch Therapy™,    Intuitive Aroma Touch Therapy™



DO YOU have one or more of these unique talents?

  • You have a strong connection to nature and/or animals

  • You are deeply empathic and can easily connect with others

  • You have a natural curiosity of other realms or gift as a healer

  • You naturally inspire and motivate others; you may even be the glue of your social circle

  • You have a broader perspective than others and can tap into creativity

  • You are driven to grow and expand through self-understanding

  • You are ready and willing to love even after loss


You will experience the esoteric practices that provide you the choice to access:

  • How easy it can be to be yourself no matter what situation you’re in

  • The freedom you get from healing your blocks and being your true self

  • Experiencing Love & Relationships

  • Rejoicing in Renewed Relationships

  • Health & Vitality

  • Peace and clarity throughout your soul journey

  • Increased self-esteem and release of fears

  • The joy of living your authentic lifestyle


Find guidance at a turning point in your life through ethereal transformation.

Discover your spirit guides and see how easy it is to get the mindset and tools you need.

YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.  The choice to experience these options are real and available to you here and now.



You are not required to believe in angels, spirit guides, magic etc. to achieve results, but you are required to be willing to be open.

I’ve already shared that the first step is to be willing to embrace the unknown.

Here’s your first opportunity…I received this free practice from Archangel Gabriel to share with you so that you can begin today.

Discover your spirit guides and healing energies available to you from other realms. Soon you’ll find yourself living the life you once thought was impossible!

Schedule a reading or session and say YES! to what lies inside of you.

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